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Aily Post in Guild News

Sometimes, a guild is more than just a bunch of people playing a game together. It’s almost like, a second family. Friends that come together to spend evenings conquering internet dragons while relaxing and having fun in guild chat.

Sometimes you have an opportunity to make a difference in the real world. Maybe its small, but it’s something. Today I am proud to announce that The Ashen Order gift shop was finally able to make good on our promise. Because of the way Cafepress works, we don’t receive the money until there is enough to cut a check. Today our profits are $50. As promised, every penny is going to Doctors Without Borders (


In truth, I donated 200% of our profits to Doctors Without Borders, and my employer will match my donation, so effectively, the Ashen Order is contributing $200 to the charity. When I had the idea to start the gift shop to support the organization, I had no idea just how badly our funds would be needed. With the Ebola outbreaks in Liberia and other African nations, the work that DWB is doing is crucial. Not only do they provide medical care for the ill, but they are doing what they can to help stop the spread of the disease as well as assisting research into cures. Also, they are one of the few organizations providing grief assistance to families who have lost loved ones.

Today I’m really proud to be your GM. I know things have been slow lately because of the hiatus, and who really knows what the future will bring, but today, this guild did some good for the world.


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