The end of the long Siege

Aily Post in Guild News

Goodbye Mists of Pandaria.

Goodbye Jade Forest, with your lush green foliage and Cloud Serpent racing.

Goodbye Valley of the Four Winds, you had a great brewery and I’ll miss farming rocks and annoying the Hozen, but I think the Vermin are really just trying to find their place in this world.

Goodbye Kun-Lai summit, I’m still not sure what my lucky-do is, to be honest.

Goodbye Krasarang Wilds, if it weren’t for dailies I probably never would have been here.

Goodbye Townlong Steppes, the Shado-Pan will take good care.

Goodbye Dread Wastes, hopefully I put a big dent in that bug infestation problem you had.

Goodbye Thunder Isle, we all stomped on the thunder king for you, so maybe it’ll settle down a bit.

Goodbye Timeless Isle, how long till Huo spawns?

Goodbye Siege of Ogrimmar, and good riddance. Nah you were a great raid and a good example of what is great about WoW, you just overstayed your welcome.

Goodbye Black Prince, well, you’ll probably keep following us around eh?

Goodbye Lorewalker Cho, you were a heck of a guide and never messed up your lines.

Goodbye Shrine of the Seven Stars, you were a good home, but I still lived in Dalaran most of the time.

Goodbye, Pandaria … Hello Draenor!

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