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So take me away, I don’t mind. But you’d better promise me, I’ll be back in time.

The time is now January 12th, 2015.

A good time to formally announce our new raid times moving forward into 2015.

We’re going to be raiding Thursdays and Sundays from 6-9P server. That’s 6 hours per week, down from our former 9 hours per week. It’s shifted an hour earlier. The short term plan is for Thursdays to be our farm night and Sunday to be our progression night. So right now we’ll be doing Highmaul normal on Thursday and Highmail heroic on Sunday.

We have no plans for mythic raiding at this time. If the day should come that we’re roflstomping heroic modes and looking for a greater challenge, we’ll revisit the topic. But mostly, this raid is for fun and spending time with friends and family, so we’re not worried about it.

That said, The Ashen Order is recruiting! We need a good tank and some more DPS. We’re kinda full on healers but anything else we should be able to work in the rotation. Even if you aren’t a part of our guild or even our server, if you’d just like to join us on a regular basis please add Aily#1346 to your friends list and lets have a chat.

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