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It’s apparent to anyone who has logged in recently that this guild is fairly inactive.

However, I thought I’d give an official status update to anyone wondering what’s been going on, and if anything will be happening with this guild.

I have retired, permanantly, from guild leading and raid leading. It’s nothing personal, nothing anyone did, its something I enjoyed at the time and I do not regret doing, however at this point in my life, it’s not something I want to do any more. I loved leading this guild and to everyone who wore the Ashen Order colors at one point or another, I deeply thank you and hope you are doing well, whatever raid you’re in, and whatever game you’re playing.

The Ashen Order will not be returning. I feel like a transfer of leadership to anyone who wanted to rebuild it would diminish what we did. Some may disagree, but I want our legacy to remain as it is and have that be that. I’m not going to remove anyone from the guild and if anyone wants to casually remain in and play, that’s fine, however do not feel bad if you want to drop this guild to pick up a new guild in Legion.

I do however, still play WoW. For the last year I’ve been raiding with a team that I really enjoy under a leader who I honestly feel is doing a better job than I ever did. If you’re looking for a new team and are willing to realm/faction transfer, look into “Group 2” http://www.group2draka.com . They’re a great bunch of people.

Thanks for Everything


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