About the Order

Welcome to The Ashen Order

The founders of The Ashen Order have been playing MMOs together since the early days of Everquest, hence the name we take from the order of monks in Freeport. Leaving EQ, they founded a new guild, Aeonian Prophecy, in Dark Age of Camelot, and found much success in realm vs. realm combat. After a break from MMOs, they came together in World of Warcraft, and started a new guild, a small raiding guild on the Farstriders server. Moderately successful, given the server climate, Aily, Zelarosa and Melisan transferred to the Whisperwind server and started The Ashen Order at the start of Mists of Pandaria.

We have met many great people and have grown this guild over time to over 50 members and an active 25m raiding team with more activities planned for the future.

Our Philosophy

We are followers of Dudeism¬†and the works of Zen masters Bill and Ted, who said, “Be excellent to each other.” We feel that being excellent to each other means also being excellent to yourself. It means playing the best game you can play and doing your best with any guild activity, be it raiding or pvp or something else. All members of The Ashen Order are expected to represent the guild in a respectful and mature manner.

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