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Guild is around 35% Canadian so … Happy Canada Day everyone.

The Ashen Order is almost 2 years old now, we’ve grown quite a bit over the last two years and moving forward I want to open up some roles within the guild to help keep it moving forward.

Here are the following roles I’ll be looking for:

For the main raid team..

  • DPS Officer : Evaluates our DPS and helps create a report on what we’re doing right, and what we’re doing wrong.
  • Heals Officer : Manages the heals team on the raid. Sets up cooldown rotations and helps with healing assignments.
  • Backup Raid Lead : I need to flag someone as a backup raid team leader for if I am out. This one needs to be in the main raid and have high attendance. Someone that can take command if for some reason I am MIA and start setting up the raid on time.
  • Raid Strategist : Someone who can take a 40,000 foot view and work with me on raid strategy and own the raid strategy forums on the forum. Someone who can suggest adjustments to how we are doing things. This person needs to be very process oriented.


Guild positions

  • Events Officer : Would like the guild to become more active in doing stuff outside of just the raid. Need someone who wants to organize and run those kinds of things maybe on a weekly basis.
  • Recruiting Officer : I’d have to work closely with this person about what our needs are but basically someone who wants to read the forums and set up interviews and coordinate with potential applicants when their trial dates are.
  • PVP Team Lead : I really think our guild needs a serious PVP team and I need to find someone with strong leadership skills to execute that. Plus, in my experience, pvpers often make good raiders. The PVP team will be seperate from the main raid but I would like it to run at a different time than the main raid so members have the option to be on both teams, but the PVP team leader will own it and work with whoever is the recruiting officer on filling the team.
  • Second Raid Lead : I think we would do well to have a 2nd raid team. We have a few members who aren’t quite ready for the main team who could use a weekly run to allow them to sharpen their skills. Times can be up to the raid leader, though if we found someone that could run tues/thurs adjacent to the main team that would be ideal I think.

And last but not least…

  • Public Relations : Help run the website, keep our roster up to date, do member “intros” (a project I’ve been brewing), manage our news.

If you think you would like to take up any of these roles (or even more than one role) please contact me in game. I already have some interest in some of the roles but I’m going to leave this open to hear from all applicants. I may have to recruit outside of the guild for some of these, but I’m hoping in the end we can help this guild run more smoothly. I’m looking for people who can take these roles and own them for a long time. Someone with passion for this game and this guild and is willing to put in the extra time to make it successful!

p.s. SoO is now 9 months old. It could have gestated a baby.


Back in the Saddle …

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I’m still here, Surgery went well. Progression starts again on Tuesday. Hope to see everyone ready to go and down some bosses!

SoO Week 25 + 2 : The Big Damn 25 Raid

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General News

Invited new raiding members:

Invited new non-raiding members:

Left the team:

Please pardon the dust on the Members page, I promise to work on it later this week. (part 2, promises with cherry on top)

Raid Team News


This week we’re going 25 and we’ll see what happens.

Its a really big day. It’s been a long and rough journey but I finally feel like the guild is ready to dip its toes into 25 raiding. Hopefully all goes well and I’m reporting a full clear next week.

We’re still looking for a few more however to round out the team. Needs have been updated on the page!

SoO – Week 26 – Has this thing really been out for half-a-year??

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General News

Invited new raiding members:
Mydeival – Warlock

Please pardon the dust on the Members page, I promise to work on it later this week.

Raid Team News

We made great progress on Dark Shamans now that Umehara has joined us as a 3rd raid tank. Toward the end of our progression night we were getting really close to a kill, it just eluded us. I hope to do some progress on it this Thursday.

We are getting very close to being able to switch over to 25s, so close in fact that I am happy to announce that we have a target date … NEXT WEEK.

That’s right, next Tuesday I hope the Ashen Order will be able to kick off a 25 man Normal Siege of Orgrimmar. We may have to pug a few spots, but we have friends on the server willing to help out. We’ve got a really good core now and hopefully all will go smoothly. We hope to clear all of 25 Normal and then the very next week start pushing on the 25 man heroics.

I appreciate everyone’s patience during this transitional period. I know a lot of you have been sitting out when you’d rather be raiding. I know we’ve wiped due to odd group compositions trying to get some people geared. But hopefully it will all come together and we’ll have a strong team to moving into Warlords of Draenor.

PvP Strike Team

We’re still feeling out a time for our Rated BG PvP team. This is a “for fun” team and not a ratings based team, so if you’ve got an itch to pvp and don’t mind at least getting competitive gear, head on over to the forums and sign up for the PvP team roster. Right now we’re looking at Saturdays from 2p-4p server for this team, but as there’s currently only two signups, we are very flexible if you have input into what would be a better time.

Also, to our cross-realm friends, there is no requirement to join our guild or server to join with our PvP team!