SoO – Week 26 – Has this thing really been out for half-a-year??

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General News

Invited new raiding members:
Mydeival – Warlock

Please pardon the dust on the Members page, I promise to work on it later this week.

Raid Team News

We made great progress on Dark Shamans now that Umehara has joined us as a 3rd raid tank. Toward the end of our progression night we were getting really close to a kill, it just eluded us. I hope to do some progress on it this Thursday.

We are getting very close to being able to switch over to 25s, so close in fact that I am happy to announce that we have a target date … NEXT WEEK.

That’s right, next Tuesday I hope the Ashen Order will be able to kick off a 25 man Normal Siege of Orgrimmar. We may have to pug a few spots, but we have friends on the server willing to help out. We’ve got a really good core now and hopefully all will go smoothly. We hope to clear all of 25 Normal and then the very next week start pushing on the 25 man heroics.

I appreciate everyone’s patience during this transitional period. I know a lot of you have been sitting out when you’d rather be raiding. I know we’ve wiped due to odd group compositions trying to get some people geared. But hopefully it will all come together and we’ll have a strong team to moving into Warlords of Draenor.

PvP Strike Team

We’re still feeling out a time for our Rated BG PvP team. This is a “for fun” team and not a ratings based team, so if you’ve got an itch to pvp and don’t mind at least getting competitive gear, head on over to the forums and sign up for the PvP team roster. Right now we’re looking at Saturdays from 2p-4p server for this team, but as there’s currently only two signups, we are very flexible if you have input into what would be a better time.

Also, to our cross-realm friends, there is no requirement to join our guild or server to join with our PvP team!

The Ashen Order Presents : Heroic Iron Juggernaut

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This was our third kill on Iron Juggernaut. Brewmaster Monk (Aily) POV.

Video Editing and Music selection by Basher!

Intro – Rod Dougan – Furious Angels
1. Sherlock Season 2 – Prepared to do anything
2. Two Steps from Hell – Black Blade (From album Invincible)
3. Sherlock Season 3 – How it was done

SoO – Week 25 – Boosting, Expanding … and we have a gift shop!

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General News

The level 90 boost is live! Boost a noob today and send an officer a message for invite. We have lots of spirits of war in the guild bank so if you want some gear for your new alt send Aily an in game mail, lets limit it to one item per person for now.

In other news, Blizzard has announced the release for Warlords of Draenor will be Fall of 2014, with a tentative date of 12/20 (last day of fall).. that’s, a really long time for Tier 16 to be out, I expect that’s a placeholder date and hopefully it will come out toward the beginning of Fall, however, it means we have a lot of time to accomplish our goals.

Raid Team News

Repeated our progression kills (one shotting Iron Juggernaut this time) was cool. We made some great progression on Nazgrim. We’ll see how Tuesday goes to see where our focus will be Thursday.

For recruiting, we’re up to 16, possibly 17 members. At this rate we should be able to make the conversion to 25s within the next few weeks. There certainly will be some growing pains as we make this switch and I appreciate everyone’s patience while we go through this expanding period. Once we start tackling the content in the 25 format, gearing up new people will be easier and loot will drop faster. We hope to hit WoD running when it comes (when she comes)

On gearing up the new people, this Saturday I’m planning to run a full flex clear starting at 6p server like we used to. I think flex will get a lot more popular with the level 90 boost, and we have a lot of people now that can use the gear. If we could get some of our mains to come in and help, it will make it all the more faster. 🙂

PvP Strike Team

Remember Aily’s Srike team? Well doing away with that for the foreseeable future, replacing it with the PvP strike team! This saturday morning there were a few of us but we hope it catches on. Still trying to feel out a good time to place this, maybe Saturday Afternoons, please send me an in-game mail if you’re interested with what times you might like to go. Remember, this is for fun, not rating, so keep that in mind and we’re just going to have some fun with it.


Big Damn Mug

Big Damn Mug

Taking the Ashen Order pride into the real world, I would like to present to all, the ashen order gift shop! (or click the link above!)

Take a look, peruse, get yourself some cool real world loot! All profits generated from The Ashen Order Gift Shop will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. So get some cool loot and help give a little something to the real Big Damn Heroes of the world, all at the same time.

Recruiting Update

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We march ever closer toward having a roster of 25.

In the last week we have added 3 bringing us to a total of 14. Our current class breakdown is as such:

Tanks : Druid, Monk, (Warrior OS)
Healers : Priest, Shaman, (Paladin), Priest OS
Melee DPS : Shaman, Rogue, (Warrior), (Paladin OS)
Range DPS : Hunter, Hunter, (Hunter), Mage, Priest, Shaman

( full roster list )

We’re heavy on hunters and shamans, so our priority for those classes is low.

Tanks should be fine as is, though having another member with a Tank OS would be welcome.

Healers, we need two more full time healers. Would love to have a Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk. We need people with strong Healing offspecs for heavy healing fights. We will run mythic with 4-5 healers.

Melee DPS we should have at least five but no more than seven for a Mythic (20) raid, meaning for 25 roster we should have seven to nine. High priority for DK, Warrior and Paladin. Medium for Monk and Rogue.

Ranged DPS we should have at least seven but no more than ten for the Mythic (20) raid, meaning for the 25 roster we should have ten to fifteen. We currently have three mainspec hunters so priority on hunter is low, the rest of the classes remain high but especially Warlocks and Balance Druids of which we currently have none.

This is where we stand.. we are 11 members away from being able to start 25s. If you are not yet a member of the Ashen Order raid team and would like to be, please click the “Join the Order” link above and apply! If you have applied and haven’t heard from me, please email me at to schedule a time for an interview. I am adding your RealID to my list but we may not be logged in at the same time.

SoO – Week 24 – Back in the progression saddle

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Firing up the old progression guns …

(RIP, Harold Ramis)

This week, The Ashen Order finally got over the hump and made some progress, with the death of Iron Juggernaut HM, the raid team is now 6/14H!

The recruitment campaign is going well and the main raid team is up to 15 members, 14 of which are currently raid ready. We have added Tyxxer (Warlock), Xâk (Holy Paladin) and Dafixah (Hunter) to our team! Welcome aboard fellas!

We look forward to filling the 10 remaining raid spots to dip our toes into 25s before patch 6.0 comes out and we start mythic raiding.


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The Ashen Order

Raid Times: Core Team: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 7-10p CST (9 hours/week)

Saturday Alt/Fun Run: Saturday 6-10p CST (4 hours/wk)(Not required)
The Ashen Order is now seeking to expand our core raid team from 10 to 25 members in anticipation of Warlords of Draenor’s new 20 team raid format!


Currently, our team consists of 12 regular members who are 5/14 Heroic in the Siege of Ogrimmar. We have immediate openings for all classes. Our plan is to expand the roster slowly toward 25 and switch to the 25-man format as soon as we have the team for it.

We plan to keep our active core raiding roster at 25 people and take advantage of the flexible queuing system once patch 6.0 is released for normal modes. For mythic raiding, we will bench 5 on a rotating/need basis.
Loot distribution is Loot Council, as we feel that’s the best way to strengthen the team.
The Ashen Order is very team oriented. We do what it takes to make the team stronger and progress as far as we can. We aren’t elitist, but we don’t want to settle for mediocrity. We are looking for raiders who are solid team players. Members who take the time to perfect their knowledge of their class, who come to the raid prepared (gemmed, enchanted, consumables, etc.) to face the challenges in front of us.
• At this point, ILVL isn’t important to us, player attitude and commitment is. If you are ilvl 570 with an epic cloak but you have a toxic attitude, we’re not interested. If you’re ilvl 500 returning to the game from an extended break with a fresh outlook and a desire to be the best you can be, please apply
• You will attend 80% of our raid times and will let us know when you won’t be there ahead of time if possible
• You will keep yourself properly gemmed/enchanted and do the very best you can on every single pull
• You will run the raid required addons (DBM, GTFO) and chat software (Mumble)
• A healthy sense of humor, and the ability to give and receive constructive, respectful criticism
Recruting Needs:
1 DPS with Tank Off-spec
3-4 Healers
2 Melee DPS
6-7 Ranged DPS

We encourage people to play the class/spec they love and are passionate about, maintaining raid viability. We owe it to our teammates to put the best raid together that we can.

History of the Ashen Order

The Ashen Order was founded at the end of the Cataclysm expansion by Zelarosa, Aily, and Melisan. We took our name from the order of Monks in Everquest, and we take our philosophy from The Dude (The Dude Abides). As we moved into Mists of Pandaria we started building our new raid team and by the end of Tier 14 we were able to clear all the encounters on normal mode and even had a few heroics under our belt. Continuing into Tier 15, we cleared all the normal encounters within 8 weeks and were 5/12H when Siege of Orgrimmar was released. We are now 5/14H in the Siege of Orgrimmar. We have many non-raiding members as well, and a strict “no asshats” policy to limit guild drama.

About Whisperwind
Whisperwind is an Alliance dominated (about 4:1) PVE server in the CST Time zone, based in the Chicago datacenter. It has a very healthy raiding population and is currently ranked 30th for progress and 11th for overall raiding population for Alliance for US based servers (according to It is considered a High-pop server but has yet to have a login queue. Whisperwind is a connected realm to Dentarg, which allows us to have 22 character slots instead of 11. While there are some PvP guilds and some people/guilds do organized PvP, it is not a focus of this server.

Guild Update : SoO Week 20 : Retooling, getting back on track

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We’ve added Thorunbattle’s wife to the guild, welcome!

Raid News

Main team has been gearing up, we’ve been able to farm our old heroics, but with losses of some good people we’re having to gear up others to be ready for more progression fights, hopefully we’ll have more news on that front soon. We still have targets in front of us and a lot of SoO to go before WoD will hit us smack in the face.

Saturday team improved by 300%, meaning it downed 6 normal fights instead of 2. Its a lot a gear issue and some training, also we have yet to field a consistent team which helps with progression. Also the team only goes for 4 hours each week. We may think about farming flex a bit more for some of our team.

Guild Update : SoO Week 18 : Good friends retire, new friends step up

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Guild News

New member this week, Blersina! Welcome to the guild!

Raid Team News

Ceipher and Nessaj are retiring from the main raid. Ceipher for personal reasons and Nessaj because he got a new job that has times are incompatible with our raid. They aren’t leaving the guild, just the main raid team, but I will miss them both and wish them luck on everything they do.

This is how I felt about leading the raid after Ceipher and Nessaj both told me separately that they were stepping down:


However! The great thing about this guild is its resilience, and I’m not talking about PvP stats. We already have very competant replacements in the fold to fill the raid spots, Denz and Noxxa! (thus, keeping our canadian quotient very high.

I feel much better about life knowing we’ll keep on raiding as we always do, but its a bump in the road we’ll weather together.

So welcome Denz and Noxxa to the main raid team and this means I have room on the saturday team for a couple of new recruits.

Moving forward, I have talked it over with Melisan and he wants to take a more backup raider role until WoD. So our current team setup will be Denz and Aily as tanks, Noxxa and Khrallis as melee dps, Basher, Spazzoid and Freki as range DPS, Corree and Javaman as Primary Healers, and Sophistikate as Healer/DPS role. We will be recruiting a warlock as losing healthstones and the other benefits we got having a warlock will be sorely missed, and though no one can replace ceipher in our hearts, we do want a warlock in the raid, especially heading into WoD.

Saturday team: Be on the lookout for 2 good range DPS (hopefully a warlock and a mage!).

Soon, we’ll be back to our normal …

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Site News

The thing I mentioned last week that might happen because we’re running on our own private VPS instead of a shared service is working perfectly, that is, The Ashen Order now has its own private mumble server that has 100 slots! (and it didn’t cost us anything above and beyond what we already pay for hosting!)

Guild Update : SoO Week 17 : Holiday Boss has Expired

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Guild News

After a long winters break, its time to get back in the swing of things.

The Ashen Order welcomes two new members, Thorunbattle and Retan. Both come to us from the Fizzcrank server, having met us through our Flex raids on! We bid farewell to Relic who has decided to make his home on a new server, and wish him good luck in the future. Sophistikate (formerly Nymeria) has moved her main over to Whisperwind and will focus on DPS with a backup role of healing for our main raid team. Please let me know if I forgot to mention anyone, its been a very long hiatus from the holiday boss. 🙂

Raid News

The holiday boss wasn’t too bad this year, we managed to farm all our heroics each week to strengthen our team, regardless of the two days lost. We are now looking forward to our regular 3 night schedule with some good progression pulls.

The Saturday FLEX team is officially cancelled. In its place, I am creating a new Saturday SoO Normal team. The intention of this team is to be able to clear at least Normal mode SoO before Warlords of Draenor is released. After WoD Release, the members of this team will join our main team on the Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday schedule. This is not an alt-run, and we are recruiting new people for this team. Currently I have a ranged dps and tank spot open on the roster. For more details, please see the post on our forums:

To those who ran with us many times from other servers and enjoyed the FLEX Raids we had, thank you for coming on those saturdays, we had a lot of fun. I knew however I needed to start a second team for our guild to help with the transition to WoD, and this was the only time slot I had to lead this raid. I hope everyone finds another flex team to run with that’s as cool as the one we had.

Strike Team

Strike Team is going to be on hiatus for January due to a real life scheduling conflict. If anyone wants to put any events together in the same timeframe, let me know and I’ll put it on the calendar.

Website News

We have been having some performance issues on our website due to it being on a shared server that I did not have admin access to. Today, I have migrated our site to a virtual private server with guaranteed resources so performance should increase dramatically. It will also come with an extra bonus which I will discuss later, stay tuned!

Guild Update : SoO Week 15 : Every pull brings us closer

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No member movement to report this week. Though Garipan did hit 90, congrats!

Guild News

Feast of Winter’s Veil has started. There’s a new battle pet available this year so don’t forget to get your presents.

The theory behind Loot Council is working well, in practice this add-on is somewhat buggy. We’ll continue to investigate ways to improve this so when we hit 20+ member raids we can more efficiently distribute the loots.

Raid News

Good progress was made on Iron Juggernaut and General Nazgrim this week. However we did not manage to down either. But every pull brings us closer to a kill, and with the reset, more gear will bring us that much closer.

Strike Team

Last week the strike team got 5/6 of the HoF achievements, only messed up the Garalon Achieve by a fraction of a second. I should have reset the fight after we had the leg down low after an initial miscommunication, but we’ll get the achieve sometime soon.

Next week we hope to kill all the fights in MSV on Heroic.